Top seven celebrities who invest in cryptocurrencies

Mar 17, 2022
Commonly the cryptocurrency sector has two aspects, those who support the entire world of cryptocurrencies and those who do not believe in anything that this sector involves. In any scenario, time moves on and each time, new innovations are emerging.
The worst thing is that some are born through cryptographic projects. For this reason, the world's great investors, businessmen and celebrities are beginning to join the wave of cryptocurrencies, mainly, not only to protect their money.
Before, there was a tradition of investing in stocks, real estate or gold. With the emergence of this new market, totally volatile. You have the possibility not only to generate money, but also to start generating income with your assets.
During this post, the purpose is to highlight a little which are those celebrities who have begun to invest wisely in some projects.

Celebrities who invest in cryptocurrencies
Next, we will mention seven celebrities that you should follow when it comes to investing:

Johnny Deep
Although it is not known, the part of the portfolio that is invested in crypto. Johnny Deep, ventured into the creation of a project that uses Blockchain technology.
In this portal, what he wants is to give through a reward system to people who share information or videos of value.
The idea of ​​his, he has been a bit attractive to the point of creating a token called TTU. Token based and supported on the Ethereum network.

Katy Perry
Using his great influence in the world, he started investing in cryptocurrencies. Investing in a platform called Audius, which her goal is to be a decentralized streaming service.
Several singers from the scene have participated in this project. Nonetheless, Katy Perry is years old, diversifying into various cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, Litecoin, Stellar, and Monero.

Leo Messi
The Argentine star, 7 times winner of the Golden Ball. He has no connection with investments in crypto assets, however, after hiring him in the PSG team. He started receiving some of the money from him for the non-fungible token $PSG.
Above all, because the Paris club was the first to venture into cryptocurrency products, reaching an agreement with

Manny pacquiao
Demonstrating the versatility of people who invest, the Filipino boxer has joined the race to meet the world of cryptocurrencies. On his part, he created his own token called “pac”.
The idea of ​​creating his token is that users who want to buy his merchandising can do so through this crypto. GCOX is the platform that signed an agreement to offer all its products to fans in Asia and the Middle East.

Gwyneth Paltrow
Another of the celebrities dedicated to acting, she is a lover of everything that covers cryptocurrencies. In 2017, she launched her own app for investing in stocks and ETFs.
Although what caused a stir, is that it worked as a bitcoin wallet.
Paltrow is one of the many celebrities who promote some cryptocurrency. We still ask you for extreme caution, she remembers that cryptos still do not have a backing from any country.

Kanye West
One of the most controversial people for his political ideas, at the time he ran for the presidency of the United States, promoting Bitcoin as an image, highlighting a perspective of true liberation in the United States and humanity.

Snoop Dogg
Finally, ending this list. The rapper has been one of the world's biggest advocates of crypto, investing his money in Silicon Valley-backed companies.
The same in his statements, he has called himself a believer in Bitcoin. Among his investment history, in the past he had investments in Dogecoin, he also released his memoir in NFT format and has in mind to release his own cryptocurrency.
Best influencers in the world of crypto
Continuing with the line of those who invest in this cryptocurrency ecosystem, the following three personalities should be highlighted:

Elon Musk
One of the personalities who talks about the cryptocurrency world continuously. Although he does not love, everything related to what Bitcoin offers has earned to be on this list of influencers.
Among the opinions that he has made, it cannot be ignored that he moved the price of the Dogecoin coin. Born as a meme, he made the price of the coin rise by 500%.
Without a doubt, regardless of the criticism, his opinion has had great influence, adding the moment that he officially communicated that he would accept BTC as a form of payment in his Tesla project.
On the other hand, he is very critical of the effect of mining, mentioning the damage it causes to the climate.

Mark Cuban
The great investor Mark Cuban has an investment portfolio in cryptocurrencies, most of it distributed in BTC. Known for being the owner of the Mave team Ricks from Dallas and host of the reality show Shark Tank.
He is one of the public figures worth listening to about investing, throughout the growth of cryptocurrencies he has made profits as major projects like Bitcoin and Ether.
Among his analysis, he ensures that this type of investment will have better performance than an S & P 500 in the coming years.

Ashton Kutcher
Lastly, we have this investor who has an interesting history of investing in Bitcoin, way back in 2013.
But it is not a surprise, over time he has had an eye on investing his money in actions such as Uber, Spotify or Airbnb. In addition, he is a co-owner of two venture capital funds, which invests in tokens for gamers.
Why should you understand the market?
Investments are at the eye of the cannon, you can get a good or bad investment, it should be noted, everything depends on the ability to analyze to choose the best option. Currently, there are main projects, where you can be sure of generating a certain return, however, new projects have great uncertainty.

With that I invite you to analyze very well, what your actions will be. So you can go step by step, without losing so much money in this high-risk market.
Take as advice not to bet on the FOMO of the community, better focus on solid projects that transcend time.

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