Terms Business Regulations


Introduction: These Regulatory Terms is for businesses that are party to the justforfans.app Terms of Service

Interpretation: In these Terms of Business Regulation, unless otherwise indicated, they are defined and have the same meanings given to them in the Terms of Use for all Users.

Do these terms apply to me?

These Business Regulation Terms only apply to Creators who are established or reside in the European Union. If these Regulatory Terms for Companies apply to you, they form part of your agreement with us.

What do these Regulatory Terms for Businesses include?

These Business Platform Regulation Terms provide information about our practices to meet the fairness and transparency requirements set out in EU Regulation 2019/1150.

These include Creator Promotion through other distribution channels which we may choose to promote through our Instagram social media accounts https://instagram.com/justforfans.app and Twitter https://twitter.com/JustforfansA

Rating on justforfansapp: We do not suggest potential Creators for a User to follow in their role. Although we do have a classification system. there is search/discover function in Justforfans.app.


If you have a complaint about:

Any alleged breach by us of any obligation established in the Regulations of the platform that affects you; either technology issues directly related to Justforfans.app and affecting you; either actions taken by us or our conduct that relate directly to Justforfans.app and affect you, then send your complaint to Contact Us

Complaint management process

After receiving your complaint, we will do the following:

Consider your complaint and the follow-up we may need to give to it (including asking you for more information or documents) to adequately address the problem raised; process your claims and they will be resolved within 7 business days, taking into account the importance and complexity of the matter raised; Y communicate in simple and intelligible language by email or by message to your Justforfans.app account the result of the internal complaint management process. Appeals of any decision made can be made within of up to 7 business days after the decision.