How it works platform

Obtain benefits by monetizing your own multimedia content. is our easy to use editable website specially designed for creators to publish and customize their own media content and make them feel at home.

It is a digital platform with its own domain, which can be adapted to the needs of customers and can also be integrated into all social media platforms.

Content and features

We provide creator users with the possibility of publishing their multimedia content, always in compliance with the terms of use of the site and their privacy. The part of explicit content is limited and only for people over 18 years of age. The contents can only be original content of the creator. In case of violations of the rules, they would lead to the immediate cancellation of the user, followed by measures and actions by our legal offices.

Support and helpdesk

We have a technical group to provide technical advice on the use of the platform, just as we are working to make a faq available so that they can access immediate resolutions of problems that may arise on the platform, and we provide them with a combination of information technique, either by telegram and/or by email.

Payments on the platform

Payments on the platform are divided between Letter of Credit payments through CCBILL, as well as decentralized cryptocurrency platforms such as coinpayment and Qvapay. That allow the use of payments with cryptocurrencies.

For subscriptions and payments of the site with letter of credit, payments are indicated with CCBILL, the only active provider.

For withdrawals can be made by Wire Transfer. with IBAN or SWIFT, Cryptocurrencies, and platforms like Qvapay.

Paypal payments are totally suspended.