Recurring Billing Policy

Recurring Billing Policy for Followers

Last updated: March 22, 2022

This Recurring Billing Policy for Followers is a part of the terms and conditions which are set forth in the JustforfansApp's Platform Terms of Service for the applicable Website on which this Recurring Billing Policy is provided or through which you accessed this Recurring Billing Policy.

Any terms that are not defined in this Recurring Billing Policy shall have the meaning given in the Terms of Service. Both the Terms of Service and this Recurring Billing Policy, inter alia, other documents promulgated by JustforfansApp are legally binding on all Users.

The definitions in this Recurring Billing Policy that are not directly defined in the text of this document, shall be treated with Section 1 "Definitions" of the JustforfansApp Platform Terms of Service at

JustforfansApp's subscription model is a monthly recurring charge and the billing period begins from the time of of the first subscribing on the Membership or any other re-subscribing after the suspension or the termination of the subscribing, as defined by when you enter your payment method.

THE FOLLOWER CONFIRMS AND AGREES THAT BY clicking 'Proceed to Payment' you agree that you are engaging in a monthly Membership (starting day of first time subscribing). Your payment card will be automatically billed "amount + currency" every rebilling period from the date of your subscription.

By agreeing to our recurring billing terms, you, are agreeing to the following:

3.1 The Follower represents and warrants that:

(i) any credit/debit card information the Follower supplies is true, correct and complete,

(ii) charges incurred by the Follower will be honored by the Follower's credit/debit card,

(iii) the Follower will pay the charges incurred in the amounts posted, including any applicable taxes, and

(iv) the Follower is the person in whose name the credit/debit card was issued and the Follower is authorized to make a purchase or other transaction with the relevant credit debit card and information.

4. The Follower agrees and authorizes the payment method to be billed automatically for the entire subscription length, according to the promulgated by JustforfansApp pricing reflected on the relevant page, which is subject to change at any time.

5. The Follower agrees and authorizes the payment method to be billed beginning on the date of registration and subsequently on a monthly basis regardless of whether the assessment has been completed or services have been rendered by.

6. If JustforfansApp is unable to secure funds from the Follower's debit/credit card(s) for any reason, including, but not limited to, insufficient funds in the debit / credit card or insufficient or inaccurate information provided by the Follower when submitting electronic payment, JustforfansApp may undertake further collection action, including application of fees to the extent permitted by law.

7. The Follower may cancel its subscription by the following ways:

a) to authorize as a Follower, to enter into the Profile, and change the bottom You are subscribed to Unsubscribe.

For clarity, the Follower acknowledges and agrees that its subscription will be cancelled upon the ending of the period of a relevant subscription.

8. The Follower acknowledges and agrees he or she will not dispute the payment with the credit / debit card, provided the transactions correspond to the terms indicated in this authorization form.